Online Registration Overview

Last Updated: May 24, 2018 04:57PM EDT
The LeagueApps online registration system is designed to be totally customizable to meet the needs of your organization.  NOTE - LeagueApps does support mobile registration now. I.E. Your members are able to find a program, register and pay for that program all on their mobile device. 

Below is an overview of the system, with pointers into more detailed documentation.

Common Registration Scenarios

The most common registration scenarios are as follows:
  • Team Captain registering self and team:  A member can register directly on their own as a team captain, and choose team name while doing so.  After registering the team, the member can then invite or directly add players to the team.
  • Team Captain directly added by admin:  A member can be directly added as a team captain by an administrator.  After this member is registered this way, they are sent an email notification, and they can login and manage their team roster.
  • Team player registering self and joining team: A member can register directly on their own, and choose the team to join while doing so.  The captain of the team will be sent a join request which must be accepted by the captain before this member is added to the team.  After the captain accepts the join request, this new team player is email notified, and must come back and complete the registration process (i.e., pay dues). 
  • Team player accepting an invite: A member can be invited to join a team, by either the team captain or an administrator.  This member will receive an email, follow the invite link in the email, and accept the invitation to join the team in order to complete their registration onto the team.
  • Team player directly added: A member can be directly added to a team, by either the team captain or an administrator.  This member will be automatically added to the team, and will receive an email notifying them of this fact.  They will still need to login to the site and accept the waiver and pay dues if relevant.
  • Free-agent registering self: A member can directly register on their own as a free-agent in a program.
  • Free-agent directly added by admin: A member can be directly added to a program by an admin.  They will receive an email notification when this is done.

For  a more detailed account of Registration, look at Registration: Options, Controls and Types
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