How to: Add a Stats Page

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 12:24PM EDT
A great way to keep your players engaged and exciting about their games is by recording statistics and displaying them on your LeagueApps site. This can be done through any file-sharing service, such as Google Docs. Here's how: 

1) Create a Google Spreadsheet

  • Login to your Google Account. (If you don't have a Google Account, create one for FREE here:
  • Once you are logged-in to your Google Account, click 'Drive' on the top menu section.
  • Click 'Create > Spreadsheet'. 
  • Now create a table for your players' stats. If you already have a spreadsheet saved elsewhere, simply copy/paste it into the Google spreadsheet. 
  • Double click 'Sheet1' at the bottom left of the spreadsheet to rename the sheet (e.g. Fall 2013).


2) Save and Publish

  • On the Google spreadsheet, click "File > Publish to the Web"
  • Then select the following settings on the next window (see screenshot below): 
  1. Under Sheets to Publish, ​​select your specific sheet (e.g. Fall 2013)
  2. Automatically republish when changes are made
  3. Click 'Start Publishing'
  4. Under Get a link to the published data, select 'HTML to embed in a page'. OR, select 'web page' if you want to include a hyperlink that takes players to your Stats spreadsheet.  
  5. ​Copy the HTML code from bottom of the screen. 


3) Embed your Stats spreadsheet into LeagueApps

  • Login to your LeagueApps admin console. 
  • Create a new page for Stats or edit an existing page. (Click here for more on how to create a new content page.
  • Paste the HTML code into the HTML editor.
  • Alternately, you can add a hyperlink by highlighting text on your LeagueApps page. Then, paste the link from your Stats page into the Insert/Edit link button in the content editor within LeagueApps.



4) Update Stats in Real-Time!

Now you can control this page directly through your Google spreadsheet. Simply login to your Google account and update your Stats spreadsheet after each game.


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