How to set up a waitlist

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 09:12AM EDT

Have a program in high demand? LeagueApps enables you to set up a waitlist so you won't miss registrations even when your capacity is reached. If a participant drops out, a registrant's role can be changed from Waitlist to Free Agent, Team Player, or any other registration type you allow. Once moved from the Waitlist role, the participant will be invoiced accordingly.


Important Notes:

  • A waitlist can only be made for Free Agents. The waitlist option is NOT available for team registration. 
  • The Free Agent label can be changed for each program. For example, the Camp program type will automatically change the Free Agent label to Camper
  • Labels can be changed for each program (or sub-program) by going to Settings > Preferences from the program's dashboard.

Program with Free Agents Only

  1. Go to Settings > Registration Options
  2. Scroll to the [Program Type] Capacity Rules section
  3. Check "Enable a free agent waiting list" (Free Agent may have a different label for your program)
  4. Set the maximum capacity of Free Agents for the program

This program will allow for 5 Free Agents to register. The 6th Free Agent or more will be placed on the waitlist. 

Program with Team Players

Waitlist registrations can only be accepted for the Free Agent role. If you have a program with Team Players only but your teams are full, you must enable Free Agents under Allowed Registration Types. You will accept registrants on the waitlist as Free Agents. Additionally, if only accepting waitlist spots moving forward, we recommend you disable "Allow players to register for teams directly", and only allow for Free Agents to register. 

First, you'll need to register a placeholder Free Agent, as your Free Agent capacity can't be set at 0.

  1. If you haven't already created a fake site member, create one.
  2. Manually register the fake site member into the program under the Free Agent role.
  3. When manually registering a player from the admin console, make sure you do not generate an invoice!

Once the fake site member is registered for the program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Registration Options
  2. Under Allowed Registration Types, enable "Free Agents" (Free Agent may have a different label for your program)
  3. Scroll to the [Program Type] Capacity Rules section 
  4. Check "Enable a free agent waiting list"
  5. Now, set your Free Agent maximum capacity to 1, which accounts for the placeholder registration from above.
Now, all players who register into the Free Agent role will be placed on the waitlist.

Set a waitlist capacity

  1. Go to Settings > Registration Options
  2. Scroll to the [Program Type] Capacity Rules section
  3. Check "Enable a free agent waiting list"
  4. Set the maximum Free Agent capacity 
  5. Set the maximum player capacity to the total amount of spots available for the program, INCLUDING waitlist participants
Consider a program with 5 Free Agents and 5 Team Players currently registered. In order to create a waitlist with a capacity of 5, the maximum player capacity needs to be 15

Setting the maximum player amount to 15 takes into account 5 Free Agents registered, 5 Team Players registered, and 5 remaining spots for registrants who will join the waitlist as a Free Agent. 


Registration Status setting and waitlist notice to user

Your program will not automatically display a message that it is currently accepting waitlist registrants. Instead, you can change the Registration Status. 
  1. On the program or sub-program dashboard, select the dropdown menu under Registration Status
  2. Change the status to "Accepting Waitlist"

The program profile will display a note, "Accepting Waitlist"

If a user begins the registration process, the site will inform them that they will be registered onto the waitlist

Waitlist payment requirement

Registering onto the waitlist will NOT create an invoice for the registrant and will not require payment. Their registration will be marked with no fee until they are moved into a different role. Once moved into a different role, they will be invoiced based on the price structure for that role. 

If you have any further questions, please use our support channels:
- Email:
- Voicemail:       1-888-208-0210 
- Live Chat (if available)

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