Registration: Capacity Rules

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 05:43PM EDT
You can find these rules by clicking "Settings" -> "Registration Settings" within the admin dashboard. 

Team Registration Status

Decide the criteria for a team becoming complete. You can choose to enforce that (a) team roster capacity requirements have been met and/or (b) team payments have been half or fully paid. The system will promote a team to "Complete" status only when the team has met the specified criteria. Otherwise, the team is labeled "Incomplete". If you still have "Incomplete" teams once registration is over, it is up to you to decide how to deal with them (i.e. move the players to separate teams).

Uses for Capacity Rules in Your Program

  • Maximum number of players
  • Maximum and/or minimum number of males, females
  • Maximum number of Free Agents (both male and female) 
  • Minimum number of teams
  • Maximum number of teams
  • Enable a waiting list
‚ÄčNote-If you set the maximum number of males to 0, that will make the league an all female league. The same is true if you set the maximum number of females to 0, that will make the league an all male league.

Registrant Status & Counting Pending and/or Reserved

As players register for a program, they are assigned a "status" of either Spot Pending or Spot Reserved. Typically, Spot Pending means the registrant has not yet paid in full.  A registrant may also be listed as Spot Pending if the team is still incomplete, based on capacity requirements.  Additionally, this status is manually editable by admins for players (not program staff) by clicking the edit pencil icon from the program players listing.  

You can decide which participants should be counted when the system is checking current levels against capacity rules.  You choose to either count BOTH Pending & Reserved OR count ONLY Reserved registrants.
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