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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 09:20AM EDT
Member profile fields allow you as the organizer to collect any information that you would like when your participants are creating their accounts.  Your users are only asked for answers to these questions once - when they are creating their accounts.  If there is a chance that the responses to your questions can change from season to season, we highly recommend that you use “Custom Registration Form Fields.”

We recently added a privacy control that will protect your members' information. Head to the bottom of this article for more information. 
Viewing Member Profile Setup

1) Head to Settings > Member Profile

Here are the basic field settings you can customize:
Here are the standard member profile fields:
  • Username
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code

Adding Custom Member Profile Fields

1) Click 'Add a Form Field'

 2) Fill out the Custom Member Profile Field

Field Name: this is the title of the field or the question you want to ask

Type: there are multiple types of Form Fields that you can create:
  • Single Text: useful for custom short answers (ex: Current School)
  • Paragraph Text: useful for custom mid-long answers (ex: Medical Conditions, Comments/questions)
  • Numeric: use for a numeric answer (ex: Jersey Number)
  • Dropdown: use for predefined answers (ex: Jersey Size). If you select Drop Down, click 'add property' and then enter each pre-defined answer.
    • ​A dropdown form field will display two boxes: response and value. A predetermined response is required, while a value is optional. If a value is provided, the value will show on a report, instead of the response.
  • Multiple Checkbox: great for collecting multiple selections for one question
    • ​Creating a multiple checkbox form field will provide options for response and value (see dropdown form field above)

Priority: set the form field to 'Required' or 'Optional'.

Public (all can see it)
Protected (only logged in members with accounts can see it)
Private (only admins can see it but it’s still information entered by the user)
Admin Only (only administrators can use this form field)

Apply: choose if you want the form field to apply 'Always', 'Only for Children' or 'Only for Parents'.
3) Hit the add property button to save your work

Advanced Custom Field Settings
As an Org Account Owner or Org Account Admin, you can:
- Lock a Custom Form Field, to prevent other Admins from deleting or editing the field. Simply click the Lock icon in the Action column to the Locked or Unlocked state. 

- Enable a Site Setting (Settings > Site Settings) that enforces Admins to fill in all Required fields when completing a Member Profile. If this Site Setting is not turned on, Admins have the ability to skip Required Custom fields when completing a Member Profile.

Profile Pictures
How do I add a Profile Picture?
- If you want to Allow Parents to upload Profile Pictures for Kids, it is a Site-level setting (Settings > Site Settings)
Members can upload a Profile picture when creating their Member Profile or add a picture later on, by editing their Member Profile. 

- Admins can upload Profile pictures to a Member's profile. Find the Member > click Edit Member Profile > Choose File > Upload.

Where are Profile Pictures Visible?
Profile Pictures are visible on the Member Profile, and based on settings, the Team Roster and Printable Roster. 

Privacy Control
LeagueApps uses TLS 1.2 to encrypt site access to member account areas. We also offer advanced privacy controls so that Admins can configure a site or program to the desired level or privacy for member information. Click here to learn about Customizing Your Privacy Settings.
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