Team Properties - Form Field Reporting

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 12:35PM EDT

The Team Properties reporting tool allows admins to quickly and easily tally up the number of answers to form field questions that were asked to players during the registration process.


This is a great tool for tallying up information such as:

 - How many t-shirts should be ordered of each size (Small, Medium, Large)

 - How many volunteers offered their time for various activities (snack stand, fundraising, etc)

 - How many players of each position are signed up to a team (forward, defense, goalie)


The example below uses data collected during registration that will help the admin place an order for this season’s t-shirts.


Step 1 - Get to the reporting tool

You can access the reporting tool by clicking “Reporting” then “Team Properties”


Step 2 - Fill in the blanks

There are a few blanks to be filled in when first arriving on the “Team Properties” page:


Program: The name of the program that you are pulling the report from

First Registration Field: The primary question that you are trying to get a count for.  In our example, we are trying to find out how many of each size shirt to order.

Second Registration Field: The secondary question that we are trying to relate to our data.  This question is descriptive (qualitative), not a numerical (quantitative) answer.  in our example, this field is the preferred color of shirts for each team.  Note that this question was only asked to team captains.  While each player on the team may have a preference, the admin in this case only cares about what the captain prefers for his/her team.

Registration Status: Some organizations allow for partial or late payment options during registration.  As the admin, you can choose if you would like to pull a report for participants who are fully registered, or for every person who is in the program (regardless of their payment / waiver completion).


Click Run Report!


Reading the report

After the report is generated, you will see a table filled with the data related to the players and teams for the program that you selected.  The left side of the table will relay each team’s name.  The top of the table will list the possible answers to the form field question that you selected.

Free Agents (or "Individuals" if you are running a Club Team) will appear as a separate graph below the teams which will list the number of responses for this role.

- The Team Properties report will only work for form field question that are created with the "Drop-Down" option.  It would be terribly difficult for the system to try to understand the unique answers that are entered in the "Single-Line" and "Paragraph" form field types.
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