Mobile Site FAQs & How-To

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 12:26PM EDT

We have pushed out updates to make all LeagueApps-powered sites mobile optimized! We’ve split this into two phases; the first being Program Discovery, Registration (and Payments) and Member Account Controls/Settings. The second phase includes updates to Roster Management and post-registration activity for a Member1. These updates make the LeagueApps mobile experience more enjoyable for your members.


We’ve also added in the ability for you and your Admins to customize the mobile theme and add-in custom homepage content, if your entire site is powered by LeagueApps.


What does this mean for me?

When a member visits your site on their mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.) they will be shown an optimized site fit for their device. This makes it easier for them to do what they want/need to do: find a program, register & pay, manage their roster, message teammates, etc.


Do I need to do anything?

Nothing! Unless you want to customize your theme, add a mobile logo, or add in custom homepage content, you don’t need to do anything. Your members will automatically get the updated content.


Does this work for anyone with a mobile device?

Yup, all they need to do is visit your site.


Will my GA tracking code work?

Yup, the same code you setup for the desktop site works on the mobile site too, so you don’t lose any tracking data.


How do I edit my Mobile Site Design?

First, any color choices you made in the color panel of the Theme Editor will be carried over to the Mobile Theme. But, if you want to make any changes, just visit the Theme Editor and on the Colors tab, feel free to change anything you want. Note: this also will update the desktop templates2.


Can I add a mobile logo?

Yup! Just visit the Theme Editor and on the Images tab, you can now upload a mobile logo3, as well as a mobile app icon4.


I want to add some custom homepage content, what do I do?

Great! Just visit the Homepage in your content pages section, click on the Mobile Content tab, and do the following:


1: add a background image

    Note: for now, you need to link to a file hosted elsewhere, we suggest using Google Drive to host your files as it’s easy and free. Here is an article that explains this.
2: add a button & hyperlink (or just a welcome message)

    Note: if you add a hyperlink to a different site, be sure to include the full URL; for example instead just some-page.
3: add a header / intro content




1 At this point, the existing mobile app will be phased out, and then the new mobile site will support all necessary use-cases.


2 If you are using custom CSS, this may override any color changes you make in the editor. You may need to remove this to see the changes in the theme editor on mobile. However, the changes will be applied to the mobile theme for members, even if you do not see them in the Theme Editor.


3 Please optimize this image as best you can -- in phase two we will handle this for you, but try to keep your logo file size as small as possible -- no more than 50 or 60 kb if possible. Please use if you need help optimizing the file size. A suggested image dimension is 400px wide by 200px high.


Other image resources: &


4 If you want to include a separate icon file for your members who install your site as an app (Mobile Safari users on iOS & Chrome users on Android can do this), that is what this is for. Please follow the same guidelines for this, and we suggest using a file that is 400px by 400px for best results.
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