Refunds FAQ

Last Updated: May 24, 2018 05:21PM EDT

What is the difference between a void and a refund?

  • Voids and refunds are very similar. Both will send the money that the parent paid, back to their account.
  • A void can be applied on an invoice that has no money attached to it. When an invoice is voided, no more transactions can take place on that invoice. It will remain at zero with a strike through as seen below.
  • ‚ÄčA refund however can be done as full or partial.  As an admin you choose the amount you would like to refund. 


The Issue Refund button isn't showing up

  • "Issue Refund" will only be available when a transaction has gone through on an invoice.
  • It disappears when there is no money paid on the invoice, as seen here.


What is the easiest way to issue a refund?

  • The easiest thing to do to issue a refund is to delete a player from the program they registered in.

  • Once you select this button, this message should show up:


*Note: Instead of issuing refunds, try out our new Credit System!

Can I refund more than one player at once?


Can I Refund Offline Payments?

  • If an offline payment has been recorded and it needs to be adjusted or refunded, you can remove the recorded offline payment so your transaction reports are up to date. To edit an offline payment, remove the original payment and then add the accurate offline payment.
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