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Last Updated: May 24, 2018 05:03PM EDT

If you would like to collect documents such as birth certificates, medical forms, etc. from members at registration - we have a great feature!

This article will show you:
1. How to set up a form field to ask for a document during registration
2. What uploading a document looks like for the member during registration
3. How to track document uploads and remind members to do so


Document Upload Set Up

The document upload is a registration form field. (Click here to learn more about registration form fields.)

You can set up a document upload in a specific program, or as a Default Registration Field.
For this example you will see how to add it to a specific program.

1. Navigate to the program dashboard that you would like to add the document upload to

2. Go to "Settings > Form Fields"

3. Click the  "+ Add a Form Field" button

4. Fill in the Upload information
    a. Give the form field a name
    b. Select Form Upload for Type
    c. Check Trackable if you would like to be able to track who has uploaded a file and remind them to if they haven't
    d. Select whether this form is required or optional for your registration
    e. Select who this upload applies to (Adults or Children if you have a mixed site)
    f. Click Add Property

How to Upload a Document While Registering

The document upload occurs on the League Registration Terms and Waiver Page
The member will be brought to this page after signing up or signing into your site and selecting the program they are registering for.

Once on this page, they will arrive at a section titled "Player Information"
This is where the document upload occurs:

1. Click "Choose File"
2. Find the file on the computer that you would like to upload and click "Open"

3. You should now see the title of your file

Tracking Document Uploads

To see who has uploaded a document go to "People > Players" from your program's dashboard
There will be a column titled "File Tracking".  
There will be a check under that column if a document has been uploaded.

If you'd like to send a reminder to the members who have not uploaded a document:
1. Click Send Missing File Reminder

2. Enter an optional message
3. Click "Send Reminders" and a message will be sent to everyone who has not uploaded at least one document that is set to "Trackable"
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