How to import a schedule

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018 10:46AM EDT
This article will teach you the proper way to import game schedules to your LeagueApps site. Follow these steps to get your schedule into your LeagueApps site. 

First, choose which type of schedule you want to import:

Pool Play Schedule

Regular Game Schedule

*Important step to complete before Importing:
- Locations and sub location must be created in advanced.
Teams included in the import must be created in the LeagueApps program first. You can use the "Team Export" feature to get a list of team names and reduce typos. 


Pool Play Schedule

Step 1.  Set up a pool play Tournament

  • Create a Tournament using a Grouped Program
  • Name the Master Program using the name of the Tournament (ex: Ballin 4 Charity)
  • Create and name sub-programs for each Division (ex: Competitive Division is a sub-program and Recreational Division is a sub-program) This lets you set different prices per division. 


Step 2. Accept Team Registration

  • Allow teams to register to a division and then you can manually move teams into pools once registration is complete.

Step 3. Create Pools & Move Teams

  • From the Master Program navigation bar click on Teams > Pools
  • Choose a Division and add a pool
  • Move available teams into the pool by checking the box next to the team name and clicking ADD TO POOL
  • To remove teams from pools, check the box for the team and click REMOVE FROM POOL


Step 3. Export Team List

  • Click on Teams > Team List from the Master Program navigation bar
  • Export the Team List to CSV


Step 4. Build your schedule

  • The LeagueApps Schedule Generator currently works for Round Robin and Single Elimination tournaments only. 
  • For Pool Play schedule generator we recommend you use whichever method works best for your organization.
  • Here is a the LeagueApps Pool Play Schedule Import template; or you can download it from the Management Console by navigating to the Master Program Schedule and click Import Schedule. There will be a button to Download Import Template.

Step 5. Import schedule

  • Click on Schedule from the Master Program navigation bar
  • Click the Import Schedule button
  • Select the .CSV file and click the Upload & Validate button

Step 6. Validate schedule 

  • Select the appropriate program from the Program drop-down
  • Confirm that each imported field is mapped to the accurate corresponding field for SUB PROGRAMS, TEAMS, and LOCATIONS
  • When you are done making changes click the NEXT button and then ACCEPT

Step 7. Publish

  • Control if Games are published for each Division using the toggle switches on the left side of the page.

Step 8. Enter Scores

  • From the schedule click on the trophy icon
  • Enter points scored for each team
  • Optional: exclude a specific team's game score from standings calculations (for example, if you need a team to play an extra 4th game because of an unbalanced schedule, you may only want to count their first 3 game scores towards standings.)


Regular Game Schedule

Step 1

CLICK HERE to download the template.

Step 2

Start Time and End Time must be in Military time format.  
  • Date: MM/DD/YYYY (This can be edited in Microsoft Excel by highlighting the cells that have dates and click "Format" > "Cells" > "Date" > and selecting the correct layout of MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Time: Military Time 20:30 (Instead of 8:30pm)
  • Save it as a .CSV file


Step 3

Required fields have a * next to them.  Be sure to have every field out correctly!
  • SUB_PROGRAM - required (only if you are using a Grouped Program, if not leave it blank)
  • HOME_TEAM - required
  • AWAY_TEAM - required
  • DATE - required
  • START_TIME - required
  • END_TIME - optional 
  • LOCATION - optional 
  • SUB_LOCATION - optional
  • TYPE - required
  • NOTES - optional

Step 4

Navigate to the schedule tab within the desired program. Click "Import Schedule".

Step 5

Click "Choose File" and select your saved .CSV file. Once it is loaded in click "Update & Validate"

Step 6

Be sure to select the correct program from the "Programs" drop-down menu.


Then match up each team and location from your schedule.  If the teams are not spelled 100% correct, the tool will allow you to select the proper team from the dropdown list of teams. 

If you have Program Grouping enabled (learn more about Program Grouping), you are able to select the appropriate sub-program within each main program. In the example below, you can select the 11U sub-program underneath the main program titled "Registered Teams Test Tournament". 

Once everything is correctly matching you can click "Next" in the top right corner. 

Step 7

Here you will want to review your schedule and if everything looks correct you can click "Accept" 
Note: You can edit details of the schedule after it is imported.


Step 8

After reviewing your schedule you can check off the "Publish Regular Schedule?" box and click "Apply"! 

Congrats on importing your schedule!
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