How to Utilize the Calendar (for Admins)

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 10:02AM EDT
Build your program's Schedule all within LeagueApps, so players, coaches and parents have one centralized place to find all the information they need! We also have articles explaining how to use the schedule if you are a parent or participant, as well as if you are a coach.

Step 1 - Enable a Program's Schedule

1a) As an Admin, enable a program's Schedule by navigating to the program's dashboard, click 'Settings' then 'Preferences'.

1b) Check off 'Use Schedules'.

1c) You have the choice to make the Schedule visible to Everyone, Logged in Members and Only Program Participants.

1d) There are two views for Schedules:
Listing View: this displays a list of events and allows Edit access, rescheduling, Check-in and you can update game
results & scores.

Calendar View: this displays a calendar grid and allows Edit access to events.

1e) Don't forget to click 'Save Preferences' at the bottom of the Preferences page when you are done.

Step 2 - Create Calendar Events

Calendar Events also unlock advanced features like RSVP and Program Check-in. 

2a) Create a new calendar event for the program's schedule by clicking 'Calendar' on the Program Dashboard then click the blue/white + button.

2b) Choose an event type: Single Game, Event, Generate a Schedule or Import a pre-existing Schedule

2c) Fill in the event's details. 

Step 3 - Publish

Make sure to check-off 'Publish Games or Publish Events' if you want them to be visible to users.


Step 4 - Edit Events

If you need to edit an Event after it is created, navigate to it and click the Pencil icon, to edit the specific event. You will have the option to notify participants of the change. 

Update - change details about the event
Cancel - the event will remain on the calendar and will have a "CANCELLED" alert on it. 
Delete - this will remove the event from the calendar. 


Next up:

Learn how to use our RSVP tool to get an accurate head-count for each calendar event, and the Check-in Tool to take and track attendance, all within LeagueApps!
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