Session-Based Programs

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 08:52AM EDT

Enable users to select multiple 'sessions' during the registration process!

Last year, we rolled out two exciting new features, Program Grouping and Session-Based Programs. These features help you better organize and structure your programs. While these features are similar, they do differ enough to have two separate help articles. Click here to learn more about Program Grouping.

The main advantage of a Session-Based Program is the "Multi-Select" ability. This allows the user to register for one or multiple sessions and then pay for them all at once.


Here are some different ways you can use Session-Based Programs!

  • Camps and clinics where the participant may attend one or multiple sessions
  • Workouts and training sessions
  • Events (option to buy a single or multiple tickets)

The example used for this article is a basketball camp hosted throughout the month of June. The camp is broken into four sessions, one occurring each week. The camper can choose to only attend one week, or he/she can sign up for a few!

Create a new program

  • Login to the LeagueApps Admin Console
  • On the main Admin Dashboard under Quick Links click 'Create a new program'
  • Select the type of program you want to create


Make your new program a grouped program

  • At the top of the 'Create a New' page there will be the option to create a Grouped Program.
  • When this is selected, then a second option for Session-based programs will appear. Select this option. 

  • Enter the information for the Main program and select 'Save'
  • Now that your program is created, it's time to Create a Session. In this case we are creating a June camp, with four sessions, each lasting a week. Select 'Create Session'
  • Enter the details for your sub-program, and select 'Save'

This newly created session functions exactly like an independent program, but it is housed underneath the main program. 


After creating your Session-Based Program, here is what you will see in your dashboards:

View of Main Program 

View of Session

​​Here is the view your users will see. During registration they will have the option to register (and pay) for just one session or multiple! In this example the user chose to attend two sessions during the middle of June.


Learn More
How to copy a program
How to delete a program

If you have any further questions, please use our Support channels:
- Email:
- Voicemail: 1-888-208-0210 
- Live Chat (if available)

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