Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 02:46PM EDT
Issuing credits to site members is an alternative to issuing refunds. A member can have a running total of credit to use on new registrations. You can Allow Site Credits as a Site-Level setting or Program-Level setting. 

Site-Level Setting

Navigate to Settings > Registration Settings > Allowances for Special Discounts > Allow Site Credit (check box)

Enabling Site Credits at the Site-Level will automatically allow Site Credits for all new programs that are created. 

If you do not Allow Site Credits, as a site wide setting, you can manage this setting within each program's Registration Settings.


Program-Level Setting

Navigate to Manage > Programs > find the program you want to setup > click 'Registration Options' 

Scroll down to 'Allowances for Special Discounts' and check or un-check Allow Site Credit.


How to Add Credit to a Member's account

Option #1

- Go to Manage > Members
Search a user's name and click the name
- In the Member Details you will find a "Credits & Invoice" section.
- Click the 'Add Credit' button to add or edit the Member's Credit amount. 

- On the member's Credit page, you can change the Amount, add a Description, and set an Expiration Date for the credit. 

Option #2

Give a Member Credit through a paid invoice.

Option #3

Issue a credit directly after deleting a player from a program.


How to Manage all of your Credits

You can view, edit and export all of your existing credits under Manage > Credits.



What do credits look like for users?

Credits will be applied when a program is set to accept credits and a user has credits in the system. If both of these are in place, during registration a credit option will appear in place of the discount code section. The user will have the option to select "Yes, use my credit".

- A discount code can not be used along with a credit; a user can only use one or the other.

- When a program has a fixed dollar amount Processing Fee and a Member has a Credit that fully covers the program's registration fee, the Processing Fee will be waived. To turn this feature off, navigate to Settings > Site Settings > uncheck 'Waive Processing Fee amount on fully discounted registration invoices.'

The paid invoice will show that a credit was used.
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