How to Add/Format a Widget

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 12:43PM EDT

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To understand how widgets work and how to add them into a Wordpress website, click here.

To access the widget section on the back end of your site, click on the “Content” section on your main navigation bar and go down to “Widgets”.

To grab the widget for your external site, just copy all of the text found in the box for the desired widget and paste that text into your site’s HTML.



Formatting Your Widgets

Each widget's height (in pixels) can be adjusted to ensure it fits in the available space on your website.  The width of the widget will be determined by where it is placed (although a space of at least 500 px is recommended).  Widgets can be previewed with a pop-up window of how it will appear on your website by clicking the “Preview” box to the right of the text box.



Below are examples of how two different widget sizes look like on the front end of your site.


Ex. 1) Height - 150px in “narrow” format:

Ex. 2) Height - 600px in “narrow” format:


Formatting the “Registration Listings” Widget

There are four different styles for which you can choose to format your Registration Listings Widget: verbose, simple 1, simple 2, and narrow. Below are examples of what each style looks like at the same size.


Ex. 1) Verbose in 400px:


Ex. 2) Simple 1 in 400px:


Ex. 3) Simple 2 in 400px:


Ex. 4) Narrow in 400px:
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