Roster Deadline and Status

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 09:11AM EDT
Setting a roster deadline in a league or tournament is a great way to make sure your Program Staff (Coach, Program Director) are submitting their team rosters by the time that you need them. Follow the steps below to activate a roster deadline in your program(s). In this article you'll also see how you can filter/message based on team's Roster Status and what the roster deadline looks like to Program Staff.

Turn on Program Staff Settings

  • First, turn ON your Site-Wide Program Staff Settings here: "Settings > Staff Roles" (instructions here).  
  • Then turn ON the Program Staff option under 'Allowed Registration Types' in the Registration Options section of any program(s). 

Turn on Roster Deadline in Your Program(s)

The roster deadline setting is in the program's Registration Options. To get to a program's Registration Options, either find for your program from the site search then go to Settings > Registration Options, or go to Manage > All Programs > Find and click on the Program Name > Settings > Registration Options.

From the Registration Options scroll down to the Roster Submission Settings. From here you can set up the following:

  • Enable Roster Submission
    • This setting allows the Program Staff to officially submit their team's roster to the program
  • Roster Submission Deadline:
    • This is the date that all submitted rosters are due
    • NOTE: This setting is optional
  • Lock Roster Upon Submission
    • This ensures that after Program Staff submits their roster, it's locked and can not be edited or changed
    • NOTE: If you turn this setting off at any time, Program Staff can then edit and resubmit their roster
  • Allow roster submission for complete teams only
    • If this setting is on, Program Staff can only submit a roster if their team is considered Complete by the program's registration rules
    • A Team's Complete Rules are also found in the Registration Options of a program:

  • Send Admin Notification Emails Upon Roster Submission
    • When this setting is on, the selected admin level and above will receive a notification email each time a roster is submitted

NOTE: If you want all of your programs to have a Roster Deadline then you can save the Roster Submission settings in your site's default registration settings.


How to Filter and Message by Roster Submit Status

Admins have the ability to send a bulk reminder email to any Program Staff who hasn't submitted a roster. From the 'Teams' tab in a program, each team has a status of either Roster Submitted or Roster NOT Submitted. Filter by Rosters NOT Submitted.

Once you've filtered by Rosters NOT Submitted, select the check box next to each team that you want to send an email reminder to. You can also select the check box to the left of the "Bulk Action" tool to select all teams from your filtered results.

When you have your teams selected, click on "Bulk Action" then click "Message Teams"

After clicking "Message Teams" you'll be prompted to select which Program Staff you want to send to, along with adding a custom Subject Line and Message to the email notification.


Program Staff View of Roster Submission and Deadline

Your program staff will see a 'Submit Roster' button and the roster deadline date from their team's roster page:

After submitting the roster your Program Staff will see the date that their roster was submitted.

NOTE: If you have the setting to lock rosters after submitting OFF, then your Program Staff will continue to see the Add/Invite buttons on their roster even after they've submitted.
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