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Last Updated: Aug 21, 2018 05:00PM EDT
Use the Invite2Join Tool to easily invite players from a Tryout to a Club Team, or from last season's event to next season's. Under a program's 'People' sub-section there is a new 'Player Invite' page where Admins can (1) view members that have been invited to the program or (2) send players invites to other programs. Each invitation's status is tracked from Pending to Accepted or Declined.

Player Invite Page

1) Admin Console > Manage > select the Program you want to view incoming invites for or send outgoing invites from.

2) Click on People

3) Under the People tab choose > 'Player Invites' or click the 'Player Invites' button 

4) Here you can view:
-- Players Invited to the Event, or
-- Send Player Invites to Other Programs. 


Players Invited to this Event

This listing shows players that have been invited to the program you are currently viewing.
- You can filter Invite Status to see Pending, Accepted or Denied invites. 
- You can Resend Invites to players whose status is PENDING


Send Player Invites to Other Programs

On this page, you can invite an individual Player or multiple players to another program within the same LeagueApps Site.

1) Optional to filter program based on team
2) Choose the Program that you want to invite players to
3) Optional to select a team for the invitation
3a) If a team is selected when inviting, that team will be pre-selected and unchangeable if the player registers using the invite link.
3b) If no team is selected when inviting, the player can register for any team in the program or as a free agent (if that is a registration option.)

3) Select the Player(s) you want to invite to the new program.

4) Click 'Invite Selected Players' 

5) You can include a customized subject and message with the program invite link. 

6) Once an invite is sent you can see the status of the invite and have the ability to delete the invite. 


What does an Invitation look like?

A parent will receive an email with a direct link to register.

Or a parent can Accept or Decline the invite straight from their LeagueApps Dashboard.

Do you need to invite Staff to a Team? Click here
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