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Last Updated: May 31, 2018 03:30PM EDT
Do you need certain roster fields to only be answered by a coach or program staff member, such as position and jersey number? LeagueApps allows you to create form fields that are managed solely by your program staff! This article will show you how to create form fields that can only be answered by program staff. 

Staff Managed Form Fields Overview
Create Staff Managed Form Fields
Update Your Staff Roles Settings

Staff-Managed Fields Overview

Many club teams, leagues, and other sports programs have roster fields that should only be answered by the staff, and not the player. With staff-managed fields enabled, coaches gain greater control over their team's roster content. These fields can be hidden from adults and children during registration, and can be answered later by a program staff member, such as a coach. For example, little league managers often need to give each player a position that will appear on their roster, but don't want the players themselves selecting that position when registered. 

Here's what a Coach will see on their Roster page with 
Required for Roster Submission enabled

After selecting "Edit," Coaches will be prompted to fill out the staff-controlled form fields

This Coach will now see these answered form fields when they print their roster

Creating Staff-Managed Form Fields

Step 1: Create a new form field for your program
A) From any program's dashboard, head to Settings > Form Fields

B) Select "+ Add a Form Field"

Step 2: Set the new form field to be staff-managed
A) After creating the new form field, toggle on "Managed by Staff" under "Field Settings"

With the settings from this screenshot, this form field will:
- NOT be answered by someone registering as a Player, Free Agent, or Program Staff
- only be answered by the admin or already registered staff member, i.e. Coach, Assistant Coach, etc. 
- be required for roster submission

Update Your Staff Roles Settings

After creating staff-managed form fields, update your Staff Roles Settings to ensure your program staff can answer these form fields after players have registered

A) From the main dashboard, head to Settings > Staff Roles

B) Change the settings for your specific staff role 
- Click the pencil icon in the same row as the staff role you wish to edit

- Turn on "Members with this role are allowed to manage staff managed registration fields"

- Click "Update"

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