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LeagueApps Team Rosters

Team Roster Updates are available - email to upgrade your site's roster tool. 
- Rosters are automatically created when Players & Coaches register
- One simplified process - collect all roster information during registration
- Display Headshots, Contact Information, Jersey Numbers, Positions and more
- Optimized for mobile phones, tablets & computers

Getting Started
Customize a Roster
Print a Roster
Sample Rosters

Getting Started

To get started, players and coaches must be registered to a Team in order to be on a roster. 

  • To create/view a program's teams, click Teams on the program navigation bar
  • Participants can register to teams directly, or they can be manually moved onto a team after registration
  • The term "Team" can be customized (i.e. group or pod) in Program SETTINGS > PREFERENCES.


Use visibility settings to customize which details display on a Team Roster.

  • Use this setting to prevent Players & Staff from navigating to their Team Roster
  • By default, this setting is OFF (starting in March 2018)
  • To turn it ON/OFF, navigate to the Program > SETTINGS > PREFERENCES

  • Use this setting to control who can view a program's Team Roster(s) on the internet 
  • By default, this setting is set to "Team Members"
  • To change it, navigate to the Program > SETTINGS > PREFERENCES
    • Everyone: accessible by anyone, including those without a profile on your site
    • Logged In Users: accessible by any of your LeagueApps members
    • Team Members: accessible only by those on the same team

Check out Roster FAQs for more information about settings and visibility. 

Customize a roster

With Teams set up and visibilities determined, it's time to customize the web and print rosters. 

How to Customize a Roster
  • Head to the specific Program > SETTINGS > ROSTER SETTINGS. 
  • The ROSTER SETTINGS Page will impact all Teams within a program.
  • Save any changes by clicking Save Roster Settings at the bottom of the page

How to Use the Rosters Setting Page
On this page, specify which Staff & Player information to display on a digital website roster or a printed roster. There are four different sections to customize:
  • STAFF INFO -  select which details to display for registered staff members
  • PLAYER INFO - select which details to display for registered players 
  • CUSTOM REGISTRATION FORM FIELDS - choose up to five fields that were collected from players and staff during registration for this program
  • CUSTOM MEMBER FORM FIELDS - choose up to five fields that were collected from players and staff when they created a LeagueApps account

Visibility Dropdown Options
  • Public: visible to anyone, including those without a profile on your site
  • Team Members Only: visible by logged in members who are registered to the team
  • Staff Only: visible by program staff members only
  • Primary Staff Only: visible by primary program staff only

Print Settings & Printing Rosters in the Admin Console
Change the color of your roster, add a logo, and determine who has access to printing
  • Under Logo & Color, choose a background color, foreground color, and a unique logo for each program's rosters

  • Under Printing Authorization Rules, choose which administrators have access to printing a roster. You may also prohibit all program staff from printing rosters. 

To print your rosters directly from the admin console:
  • Click Teams (or your custom Teams label) in the program's nav bar
  • From here, you may print all team rosters at once by clicking the Print All Team Rosters button in the top-right
  • To print one team's roster, click on that team's name
  • Click Print Team Roster in the middle of the page

To learn more about how Rosters appear for your program participants and staff, check out this help article: Rosters (Users)

Sample Rosters

Sample Roster #1 -- Web View with Jersey Number and Position fields enabled
access more details and contact info by clicking on a player's name 

Sample Roster #2 -- Mobile View
access more details and contact info by clicking on a player's name 

Sample Roster #3 -- Print View



1. How does someone get to a Team Roster? 
- Team Rosters are accessible from a Team Page

2. How do I let parents or players upload Profile Pictures?
- This is a site-wide LeagueApps setting. As a LeagueApps Admin, from the main dashboard click SETTINGS > SITE SETTINGS > enable 'Allow Parents to upload profile pictures for kids.'

3. Can I change where a Jersey Number of Position is displayed on a roster?
- Yes! By tagging a form field as a Jersey Number or Position, its placement will be optimized on the digital roster. 

More information: Registration Form Fields &  Staff Controlled Fields

4. How can LeagueApps Admins use Rosters?
- Program-by-program, control visibility of every detail displayed on a roster, from Phone Number to Player Pictures, etc. 
- Control Coach access to a roster - limit a coach to just "View" a roster or give him/her access to edit, print or submit a roster. 

5. How can Registered Coaches use Rosters?
- Manage rosters by inviting, adding or copying players to their team
- Communicate with a team or individuals by email, call or text
- Print or Submit a roster once it's finalized

6. How can Players & Parents use Rosters?

- View Players & Staff information, such as Position and Jersey Number
- Access contact information (email, call, text) for players and coaches.
*Child profiles display their parents' information. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to use our helplines:
- Email:
Phone: 1-888-208-0210
Live Chat (if available)

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