Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 06:40PM EDT
New Feature: Bookings
Accept online reservations & payments for lessons, training and facility bookings.
 This is a new feature - if you'd like to enable it for your site please contact

Streamlined Setup
- Setting Templates expedite programs setup
- Assign instructors to specific time slots
- Add custom email addresses to registration notifications
- Bookings automatically populate on a customer-facing calendar

Enhanced Customer Experience
- Register directly from a calendar or list view
- Filter on Date, Location, Instructor and Program Name
- Book multiple reservations with a shopping-cart style checkout

Bookings Guide

Getting Started
Customer Experience



    • These are settings that help organize and expedite setup.​
    • There can be many templates within one Type, for example, a type may be Private Lesson, with templates for 1 hr lesson, 2 hr lesson, etc.
    • Create different templates when price or capacity vary.
    • There can be many timeslots within one Program, for example, a Program may be 'July Private Lessons', and the timeslots are all of the different days & times that lessons are available.

Getting Started

Bookings allow customers to reserve and pay for a timeslot (specific date + time) with someone (Instructor) and/or somewhere (Location.)

1.  Mark a LeagueApps member as an Instructor

  • An instructor is a member of the LeagueApps site, tag this person as an instructor on their Member Profile page.
  • Navigate to Manage > Bookings
  • Bookings Settings > Assign Instructors

  • Find the instructor in your Member listing and click the pencil icon then at the bottom of the member profile check this setting:

After assigning Instructors, head back to Manage > Bookings.


2.  Create Types

  • Types provide a way to categorize setting templates
  • Navigate to Booking Settings > Types > Add Booking Type


3.  Create a Template

  • Templates are predefined settings that can be applied to timeslots (price, capacity, form fields, and waivers.) Templates should correspond to price point or capacity. 
  • Navigate to Booking Settings > Templates > Add Settings Template

  • Click Next to add Form Fields and Waivers to this Settings Template



4.  Create a Booking Program

  • A Booking Program groups a related set of timeslots under one program. 
  • Navigate to Booking Programs > Add Booking Program


Admin Setup of a Booking Program

Front-end customer view


5.  Create Timeslots

  • Timeslots are a specific date and time that an instructor and/or location can be booked
  • Navigate to Booking Programs > Calendar Icon

  • Choose to create a single slot or a group of recurring slots. Recurring slots will populate between the start and end date of the Bookings Program. 
  • Time Slot Set Name displays on the public site; use this field to add more details for your customers
  • Select one day and time or multiple and then click the grey +ADD button

  • When you've added all timeslots click the blue Add button to finish


6.  Manage Timeslots

  • For timeslots that have registrants click on the "View Participants" icon to move or delete registrants from that timeslot

  • Check the box next to each registrant then choose to move or delete them

  • Choose if you'd like to adjust invoices as a result of the move or delete

  • Confirm changes


Customer Experience

Customers can discover bookings on 


  • Choose to create a single slot or a group of recurring slots


There are two views on this page List or Calendar View



  • To view Bookings registrations go to Reporting > Bookings

  • From here you can view Bookings registrations and export to a .CSV file.



1. Can a customer pay and then pick their lesson's date and time at a later date?
Currently, a booking must have a predetermined date and time, so redeeming a purchase or package of classes is not yet available.

2. Can I customize which Bookings show to my players?
Yes, from your website filter the Bookings listing then, click Apply. You can then copy this page by clicking the link icon. You will have a custom URL that you can link to your website or share via email.
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