Payment Plan Report

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 09:07AM EDT

The new Payment Plan Report tool in your Admin Console allows you to easily keep track of outstanding payments for specific installment dates. This reporting tool is great for organizations with many different payment plan options across various programs. If you only offer a few payment plan options, this tool is nonetheless useful for tracking down unpaid installments! 


Getting Started
Payment Plans Summary
Payment Plan Details


Getting Started

To access the Payment Plan Report, go to Reporting > Payment Plans


Payment Plans Summary

This page will display all installment dates across your various Payment Plans. The summary is sorted by installment date and includes columns for:
  • Program Name
  • Program Code
  • Total Due
  • Total Paid
  • Total Outstanding
  • Installments Due
  • Installments Paid / Outstanding
  • Payment Plan Name
  • Auto Pay (Yes or No)
  • Actions (Show Details)


Use the filter section at the top of the page to narrow your results by a specific range. The maximum date range span is 93 days. 

Export to CSV

Click the Export to CSV button in the top-right corner to download a CSV file of your Payment Plans Summary. You may choose which columns to include in the report. 

Show Details

Under the Actions column, click Show Details to view the payment plan invoices with installments due on that a specific date. This will take you to the Payment Plan Details page. 


Payment Plan Details

This page will display all payment plan invoices with an installment due on given date. Also included are columns for:
  • Registrant Name (hyperlinked to the site member details page)
  • Amount Due
  • Amount Paid
  • Outstanding
  • Transaction Result
  • Invoice ID (hyperlinked to the invoice's details page)
Click the Invoice ID number to view that specific invoice.

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Managing Payment Plan Invoices
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