How to create and edit a program

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 08:51AM EDT

LeagueApps offers six different types of programs that you can create. Each type has customizable features that can be adjusted to fit your needs. 


Step 1. From the Admin Console click 'Manage' and select from six types of Programs

League, Event, Tournament, Camp, Club Team and Class​


Step 2. Fill in Details for the Program you are creating.

Fields marked with a red star are REQUIRED, all other fields are optional. After you create the program you can edit the details at any time.

Event Type
Specify whether this event is for Adult or Youth/Family Members. 

Choose the program's Sport

Choose the program's Season. This is a customizable field; learn more here. 

Choose a program skill Level. This is a customizable field; learn more here. 

The Gender you choose will determine which members can register for the program. 

Choose Public or Private to determine if the program is visible on your public-facing site. 

Enter a name for the Program

Enter a host for the Program

Program Code
Give the program a unique code to keep your programs organized

Enter a Program Sponsor

Activity Start/End Dates
Select the dates that the program starts and ends; you can also choose to display the dates or make then tentative.

Registration Start/End Dates
Select the dates that registration for this program start and end.

Registration Status
This will change by default based on the Program status, but you can override the default by selecting an option from the dropdown

Program State
Choose from: Unpublished (to keep the program private), Upcoming (program has not yet started), Live (currently taking place) or Completed (program is finished; if there is no end date, the program will not automatically switch to Completed.)

Choose a location for the program. Create locations through Manage > Locations

Provide more detail about the program's meeting days and times

Provide a description about the program for customers to see​


Step 3. Click 'Save and Edit Options'


Step 4. Up next, set up your Registration Options!


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