Running and Extracting Site-Wide Reports

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 12:34PM EDT
LeagueApps allows you to run site-wide reports of all information collected throughout registration and payment of your programs and products, as well as export it out of the system into CSV format.

These are the different site-wide reports that you can run in LeagueApps:

Member Reports

The member report includes the data that each member filled out when they creating their account on your LeagueApps site. The basic fields required for a user to create an account are First Name, Last Name, Email, Gender. NOTE: an email address is not required when a parent creates a child account in their family account.

Optional fields include birth date and address. You can also add any additional fields to the account creation step that will be included in your Member Report by Customizing Your Member Profile Fields. Member Profile Fields are useful for capturing one-time information that you won't need to re-collect for each specific program.

Run a member report in LeagueApps  under Manage > Members to see a list of all site members.

Here's what you can do from your members listing:
  1. Use Filter by drop down menu to narrow down your site member list based on gender.
  2. Click Sort by drop down menu to rearrange the order of your report.  (Ex. Sort by Registration Date to list your players in order of the date they registered, starting with most recent)
  3. Search by name or email address
  4. Search by custom member profile field
  5. Click Export to CSV to export your member information into a CSV file, or spreadsheet.  This can be useful to sort specific information you collect from your players, such as jersey sizes. NOTE: you can choose the fields you want to export via check box.


Registration Report

Pull a registration report under Reports > Registrations

This report includes all basic member profile fields (ex: First Name, Last Name, Address) and also all program specific fields that each participant fills out when registering for a program. In addition to the fields filled out by the participant during registration, the registration report also includes fields like:
  • Registration Status
  • Payment Status
  • Amount Paid
  • Outstanding Balance
  • User Role (ie: Free Agent, Team Player, Team Coach, Team Captain)
  • Date of Discount Code redemption (if applicable)
  • Date Waiver Accepted
  • Team Name (if applicable)

  • Use any of the filter options to narrow down your report by time frame, program info, or user info
  • Click Export to CSV to export your registration report information into a CSV file, or spreadsheet.

NOTE: Registered youth players will be listed under their family account after running a report along with the parent email address. Also, all supervisor/parent contact information captured during registration can be seen after exporting the report to a CSV file. To customize this information, see Customizing Registration Forms.  

Product Order Report

This report allows you to track every product item purchased on your site. To access go to Reporting > Product Orders

This report can be useful when tracking and fulfilling your members' product orders. Click here for more on generating Product Order Reports


Invoice Report

Run an invoice report by going to Manage > Invoices

This report includes the payment information of all of your invoiced members.  This reporting tool can be useful for finding out who still owes money in each of your programs.

Click here for more on managing payment invoices.


Transaction Report

To access your a report on your site's online payment transactions go to Reporting > Transactions

The transaction report is broken into three sections:
  • Transactions: Shows all attempted transactions, success or failure -
  • Transaction Detail: Shows all successful transactions separated by program, team or product
  • Transaction Summary: Net amount of successful transactions, grouped by program

Read about the transaction report in more detail here.
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