Auto Pay for Payment Plans

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 07:07PM EDT

Want to ensure payment from your program participants? Take advantage of the LeagueApps Auto Pay system! This feature can be enabled for Payment Plans, and will require users to store a credit card on file that will be automatically charged on an installment due date. This article will teach you everything you need to know about Auto Pay.

  • Contact if you would like to enable this setting for all programs on your site

What is Auto Pay?
Require Auto Pay Enrollment for a Payment Plan
User Agreement to Auto Pay Enrollment

What is Auto Pay?

Enabling Auto Pay enrollment will require a user to store their credit card on their account. Your site will then automatically charge that stored card on each installment date for a payment plan that required Auto Pay enrollment.

Availability for Auto Pay enablement

Auto Pay may be enabled for each payment plan within a program. 
  • If you do not see the "Require Auto Pay enrollment" setting on your payment plans, contact! We need to enable Auto Pay capabilities for you site.
  • Rather than enabling Auto Pay for a select group of payment plans, you can have Auto Pay enabled for ALL payment plans on a site. Contact for more information!

Require Auto Pay Enrollment for a Payment Plan

Auto Pay enrollment is enabled within a payment plan's settings. From a program or sub-program's dashboard, go to Settings > Payment Plans

From here, either create a new payment plan, or edit an existing one


In the payment plan's settings, enable "Require Auto Pay enrollment"

Enabling or disabling "Require Auto Pay enrollment" is NOT retroactive; if you disable this setting after a user has registered for this plan, the user will still be enrolled in Auto Pay!

Make sure to save your settings by clicking Update Plan


Finally, double-check your installment dates at the bottom of the payment plan settings page. Remember, program participants paying under this plan will have their card automatically charged on the dates you decide for the installments!


User Agreement to Auto Pay Enrollment

If a registrant selects a payment that requires Auto Pay enrollment, the payment plan will state the fact Auto Pay enrollment is required, and force the user to agree to the Auto Pay terms.


On the payment page, after providing their credit card information, registrants will be required to acknowledge two items:
  1. That their card will be stored 
  2. That this stored card will be automatically charged on the payment plan's installment dates

If you do not want to require the first installment payment during registration then registrants will see a "Save Payment Method Only" button on the payment step. If the registrant chooses this option their credit card will be saved but it won't be charged until the first installment due date. If you do require the first installment payment during registration then there will be no "Save Payment Method Only" button.

By enrolling in Auto Pay for this plan, a user's Payment Settings for their account will NOT impact this plan; if a user has Auto Pay disabled in their account's Payment Settings, they will still have their stored credit card automatically charged on the installment dates for this plan.


At what time are stored credit cards charged on an installment due date?

LeagueApps will attempt to charge the stored credit between 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST on an installment due date. 

Can a user change the credit card they have stored on their account?

If there is a remaining balance on an open payment plan, a user cannot edit their stored credit card. Please contact for assistance!

What happens if a user registers for a payment plan after one or more payment plan installment dates have past?

The user's first payment will require them to pay the past due installments.

Will "Require Auto Pay enrollment" enforce payment collection at the time of registration?

No. To enforce payment collection at the time of registration, enable "Require first payment during registration" AND "Strictly enforce first payment during registration." Without these settings enabled, a user will be able to bypass payment at the time of registration; however, when the user decides to make their first payment, they will be required to store their credit card and agree to the Auto Pay enrollment terms. 

If you have any further questions, please use our support channels: 
- Email:
- Voicemail:  1-888-208-0210
- Live Chat (if available)

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