Registration Options Guide

Last Updated: May 24, 2018 05:02PM EDT
Every organization has slightly different requirements for processing registrations. LeagueApps allows you to tailor your organization's rules to suit your particular registration needs. This article provides an overview and master list of the many registration options available.

Note- If you need help first understanding how to build a program click here. If you want to understand the different types of possible registrations within LeagueApps click here.

Default Settings verses Program Specific

LeagueApps allows you to control registration settings at two levels: default and program-specific

Default Settings:  These settings are used whenever you create a NEW program.  So, it makes sense to set your general default values here.  You can override these for each program.  To edit these settings, go to "Settings > Registration Settings".         

Program-specific Settings: These settings are set to a specific program.  When a program is first created, its settings are copied from the default settings.  Once the program has been created and updated, you can modify its registration settings in the program dashboard, thus overriding the default values that were copied in.  Note: Editing default settings will not change settings on any existing programs.

For details on the other registration options please check out the articles linked below:


Age Range Restrictions
Membership Rules
Price structures and additional fees

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